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  • New Parma Hilton history books published

    Parma Hilton Historian David Crumb and Parma Historical Society Trustee, David Almeter, have co-authored the recently published book,  Parma Hilton Timeline from the Beginning. The book explains the events that took place from 1638 when the land...

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  • Parma Hilton Historian David Crumb, Monroe County Historian Carolyn Vacca, and State of New York Historian Devin Lander.

    Parma Hilton Historical Society celebrates 50 years, 1969-2019

    The Parma Hilton Historical Society celebrated 50 years of continuous activity on Saturday, May 18, at the Hilton Firemen’s Exempt Hall with 170 guests attending the event. State Historian Devin Lander and County Historian Carolyn Vacca were...

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  • Parma Hilton Historical Society celebrates their 50th anniversary

    The Parma Hilton Historical Society will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a Grand Banquet on Saturday, May 18, 6 p.m. at the Hilton Exempts Club, 137 South Avenue, Hilton. The event features a buffet dinner by Foster’s...

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  • Parma Hilton Historical Society Museum to feature two local artists

    The Parma Hilton Historical Society Museum will  feature two local artists this year, spanning over 120 years. The featured artists are B. Aylsworth Haines and Herb MacNaughton. Both, as painters, were quite prolific in their work. The...

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  • Hilton’s first settler remembered for his generosity

    by David Crumb Hilton Parma Historian Every village and town in Western New York has their first settler or the person or family who historically is reputed to have had the distinction of being first to stake...

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  • Nero-Vond-headstone-4c-1 (1)

    Descendants of Nero Vond visit Hilton

    by David Crumb, Parma Hilton Historian On Saturday, June 30, Lonie Wilson and William Jones, descendants of Nero and Mary Vond, arrived from Houston, Texas to visit the village of Hilton and the grave site of their...

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  • Hiram Bardeen “Hilton’s Forty-niner”

    Every small town has, and has had, its colorful characters, who while perhaps out of step with what others deem the norm are probably much more memorable and interesting than the regular citizenry.  Such a man lived...

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  • Inside the Tabernacle which was filled every night for six weeks. Its seating capacity was 1,000.  Location is on the site of present day 46 West Avenue, Hilton. Provided photo

    When Hilton had a Tabernacle

    by David Crumb Parma-Hilton Historian It was back in the year 1913 when Hilton Village Fathers and Religious Leaders felt their young people were drifting away from their religious training and moral responsibilities. Attendance in many of...

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  • Several from Hilton served in World War I

    by David Crumb, Hilton Historian The spark that ignited the “Great War’ of 100 years ago better known today as World War I happened in Sarajevo, Bosnia on June 28, 1914. Gavrilo Princep, an angry Serbian student, fired...

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  • Hilton High School in 1914.

    115 Years of Hilton High School graduations

    by David Crumb Village of Hilton Historian While reviewing some old documents, the Fifteenth Anniversary Exercises of the Hilton High School, June 1914 surfaced. It occurred to me that this June 2014 would be the 115th Hilton...

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