• Cornell Annual Trials Program

    If you are looking for inspiration as you plan this year’s garden, you may want to check out the Cornell Annual Trials Program. The purpose of the program, according to Cornell, is to evaluate the performance of...

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  • Give weeds a chance

    I recently had the chance to take part in a workshop on wild edibles led by Pat Banker, a Franklin County Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Program Educator. It was very entertaining and extremely enlightening. Pat noted that...

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  • Pinkerbelle™ - a new hybrid tea rose with a great fragrance and high disease resistance.
    New rose varieties for 2019

    Great news for gardeners who love to grow roses, and for gardeners who would love to grow roses, but have been frustrated in the past by diseases which sometimes affect even some of the new easy care...

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  • A Lenten Rose blooming in my garden last April. Photo by Kristina Gabalski
    The Lenten Rose

    With the recent start of the Lenten season leading up to the celebration of Easter, I’ve been thinking about the Lenten Roses still hidden under snow in my garden (as I write this column) and how much...

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  • Growing Microgreens

    Microgreens have become quite the rage lately and for good reason. They are easy to grow in your own kitchen, are exceptionally nutritious, and easy to add to salads, soups and sandwiches. Plus, you can grow them...

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  • Winter in the garden

    Happy New Year to everyone! We have had some wintery weather recently and it brought to mind two gardening topics for January: salt injury to trees and shrubs, and helping our feathered friends survive during the dark,...

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  • Holiday gifts for gardeners

    Here we are in the midst of the holiday season once again and it’s time to focus on gifts for gardeners. Gardeners really are not difficult to buy for, in fact there are numerous items that make...

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  • Transplanting houseplants

    From air plants to terrariums to succulents, houseplants are a hot gardening trend right now and with the growing season over locally, this is a great time to think about care for your houseplants. To start, here...

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  • Garden Thanksgiving

    The weather this fall has made it especially difficult to get end of year garden  chores accomplished, but despite that and the many frustrations of gardening,  there is still much to be grateful for as Thanksgiving 2018...

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  • Autumn care of peonies

    Much of the autumn work we do in the garden revolves around preparing perennial plant material both for winter and for next spring. Peonies are a good example. The plants are native to the northern hemisphere and...

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