Area’s first holistic dog grooming facility opens in Hamlin Salon specializes in handling of dogs in need of special care

By on April 20, 2014
Dog Grooming

Blue Planet Dog, a fully holistic grooming salon, has opened in Hamlin. It is a private, homebased grooming salon, specializing in the gentle handling and retraining of dogs that are fearful of traditional grooming methods.

Blue Planet Dog is owned and operated by Deborah Hartmann, a certified, professional dog groomer with bachelor’s degrees in zoology and art, and memberships in the NDGAA (National Dog Groomers’ Association of America) and NAPCG (National Association of Profession Creative Groomers). At Blue Planet Dog, providing a calm, soothing environment for sensitive or reactive dogs is a top priority, equally as important as completing the latest breed styling or popular pet trim. Each appointment at Blue Planet Dog is private, and each dog is groomed individually, thus insuring that every pet receives full and undivided attention during their appointment.

“Blue Planet Dog has made grooming a positive experience for both my dogs. The atmosphere is calming and reassuring, and ample time is given to be sure that the dogs are well-cared for during the process. One of my dogs had been abused before we adopted him and Debbie has been very patient with him as he learns that grooming can be a soothing experience,” said Karen K., Hamlin, N.Y.

“As the owner of a senior collie, we have an extra appreciation for the quiet environment and Debbie’s gentle care of her through the grooming process. Not only does our girl look amazing, but we know her needs ar considered every step of the way,” stated Denyse C., Greece, NY.

For those needing a gentler alternative to traditional dog grooming, contact Blue Plant Dog by calling (585) 636-4130 or by email to arrange for a tour of the salon located on Hamlin Center Road in Hamlin or for assistance with questions. For information, visit or!/blueplanetdog.

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