Sunnking Inc. holds open house at new headquarters

By on June 12, 2017

Sunnking Inc. celebrated its success in the electronic recycling industry with an open house showcasing its new 204,000 square foot headquarters in Brockport. On June 1, Sunnking welcomed local dignitaries, business leaders and neighbors for an informational event that provided insight on how the recycling facility recovers value from unwanted electronics and diverts them from landfills.

Attendees had the opportunity to take a guided facility tour with CEO Duane Beckett and employees, where they could see Sunnking’s process that prioritizes environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. A highlight of the tour was the new shredding and sorting equipment that has increased processing capabilities and generates cleaner streams of reusable commodities.

“Sunnking has been very fortunate to experience growth in an exciting and dynamic industry. We look forward to the future as new developments take place in the industry,” said Beckett. “This was a great opportunity to share what happens with your old electronics.”

The new facility afforded Sunnking the space to hire additional labor to increase processing speed and handle the growing volume of electronics. In 2016, Sunnking processed nearly 25 million pounds of material. They expect this amount to increase in 2017.

“We are pleased to have businesses like Sunnking in our area that foster job creation and innovation. They also do a great deal to give back to the community through their continued support of local programs,” said Village of Brockport Mayor, Margaret Blackman.

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CEO Duane Beckett giving a group tour during Sunnking’s open house event. Provided photo

CEO Duane Beckett giving a group tour during Sunnking’s open house event. Provided photo

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