Meet two dentists who are out to challenge your perception of dentistry

By on June 25, 2018
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Do you put off going to the dentist or even find it to be scary?  Most people don’t see dental exams as anything to enjoy, but it is possible they have been visiting the wrong dental offices. Brockport dentist Dr. Max Thaney is on a mission to prove dentistry can be a fun and enjoyable experience. He is breaking the mold of traditional dental experiences one patient at a time.

Dr. Thaney, owner of Brockport Smiles, knows people often still regard dentistry as being a scary experience saying “There’s a lot of fear and anxiety towards dentistry, but being able to do fun things, to break down barriers can help people to see there is a lighter and more positive side to dental care. We love nothing more than getting out into the community and building deeper relationships with our patients, and we work hard to treat everyone as we would our own family members.”

This perception of dentistry comes naturally to Dr. Thaney.  Treating his patients as extended family only solidifies his mission to take a community-first approach. As he says, “The better relationship you have with patients, the more easily you can understand their needs and how best to help them.”  It is with this fresh approach that sets him apart as a dentist who loves nothing more than making others smile.

Brockport patients really appreciate this fresh approach to dentistry. Usually, when having a dental checkup, you don’t get to see the dentist until after your teeth have been cleaned by the hygienist. The opposite is true at Brockport Smiles. Instead, the first person you will see is Dr. Thaney. He takes time to get to know people during these assessments, understanding their goals and oral health, ensuring that even the most straightforward treatment is the most appropriate for their needs.

When Dr. Thaney sees patients requiring the very highest standards of gum therapy or dental implants, he collaborates closely with his good friend Dr. Goel. Dr. Thaney will frequently refer patients to Dr. Goel because of his advanced restorative and cosmetic dental skills, and experience. Importantly, Dr. Goel shares Dr. Thaney’s outlook in providing a lighter, more enjoyable and patient-centered approach to dental care.

Dr. Goel owns Progressive Implantology & Periodontics which has five locations throughout Rochester, but he is very different from your average periodontist because he also owns Comedy@ The Carlson. A dentist owning a comedy club? How does that work?

It is a question Dr. Goel is very used to hearing and as he says “I would ask, why NOT a comedy club? Dentistry is fun, and it’s amazing what we can do for people today. We talk about building the smile that our patients dream of all the time – well, a Comedy Club is just the place where they can use that smile and share it with everyone! And dentistry and comedy aren’t that different – no matter which venue, we want our patrons to have a great time and positive experience. People are just a little more willing to go to one venue versus the other – I’ll let you decide which is which!”

After all, we are frequently told that laughter is the best medicine and what’s more fun than sharing an evening with friends and family while seeing a well-known comedian in a current downtown location.  Dr. Goel’s regular patients are not surprised to hear that he owns a comedy club. His dental office has a reputation for its fun atmosphere, and he is known to his patient’s as being a bit of a jokester.

Frequent visitors to Brockport Smiles know Dr. Thaney frequently holds exciting and fun appreciation events for his patients.  One recent occasion took place at Dr. Goel’s comedy club where Dr. Thaney celebrated his 40th birthday with his patients and friends.  The fact that Dr. Thaney chose to celebrate with his patients speaks volumes about his philosophy towards dentistry, a view that is closely echoed by his friend and colleague Dr. Goel.

Who would have imagined dentistry could be so enjoyable.

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