Spring into fitness

By on March 27, 2017

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Spring is a great time of year to assess your health and fitness. With the weather getting warmer, we tend to wear less clothing and spend more time outdoors being active. To increase your self-confidence, and improve your feeling of health and wellness, follow these tips:

Book a physical

Annual physicals are an important assessment of your overall health. Often health issues creep up slowly on the inside and don’t manifest outward symptoms until it’s a bigger problem. An annual physical and blood work will help you stay on the preventative side of illness and maintain better wellness. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Get a new pair of running/workout sneakers

The average sneakers only maintain good arch support for up to six months. If the arches are worn down then the foot support will be affected and this can cause pain to not only your feet but also your ankles and knees. If you are unsure of what type of athletic shoe to wear, check with a specialty store that will assess your foot structure and running/walking gait. Based on your foot, gait and lifestyle, they can prescribe the best type of shoe for you.

Clean out the pantry

Winter we often hibernate in our houses and hide behind loose layered clothing. If you want to trim down your body fat, start with your pantry. The pantry can often house some of the unhealthiest choices in your kitchen. Get rid of the sugary and starchy non nutritional items like cookies, chips, cereals and breads … yes, even those 100 calories packs.

Remember whole foods are the best for your health and waist line.   Now is the time to think “farmers market” for fun and healthy shopping. Lucky for us in Monroe County we have an abundance of farmers markets and farmer stands to shop from.

Pump up your play list

If you are still listening to music from December, do some spring cleaning and get some fresh new music to help keep you motivated during your workout.  Research shows that music not only distracts you from the physical challenges of exercise but also helps you work harder. Finding music that uplifts your energy and helps get you in the zone can be a great benefit.

Sign up for an event

No better way to keep yourself motivated and accountable than committing to some type of an event. Committing to a charity walk, 5k, mud run or obstacle course can really help you have an event to look forward to. This will help keep you motivated to condition and train.  Enlist some of your friends and have fun with it.

Visit www.active.com/rochester-ny/running/5k to learn more about local events coming up this spring and summer.

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