Canal Days shuttles deliver service with a smile

By on July 21, 2014

shuttle bus peopleEach year for 33 years, the Spencerport community has hosted the Canal Days festival. This annual event consists of a blend of activities from entertainment, arts, crafts and food vendors and even includes an event that features canaligators.  But one hidden gem of this well-known summer celebration is a shuttle bus service and each bus is staffed with a driver and bus tour guide.

The shuttle bus service begins and ends at two Spencerport Central School parking lots, Terry Taylor School located on Ogden Parma Townline Road and Spencerport High School located on Spencerport Road near Gillett Road. Festival goers are encouraged to park their cars in these two lots to help alleviate parking issues in the Village of Spencerport.

The shuttle makes two loops. The first route runs from Taylor School to the Car Show at the Ferris Goodridge American Legion Post on Trimmer Road and drops off on Union Street on the north side of the Lift Bridge. The second route begins at the High School and drops off in the Village of Spencerport near the Village Plaza. The service runs every 15 minutes.

Each shuttle tour guide is provided with a script that is full of interesting facts about Spencerport and Ogden and also includes important information about Canal Days. Pat Everett is the coordinator of this service, a volunteer job that she has carried out for five years.

“We had visitors from all over the world come to Canal Days and ride the shuttle service.  I’ve spoken with people from Australia, Alabama and Arkansas. Most folks are really interested in learning more about the Erie Canal,” Everett explained.

Wendy Britton is a life-long Spencerport resident; she’s lived in the area for over 60 years. Each year she looks forward to Canal Days and volunteering as a shuttle bus tour guide.

“I love being active in the community and sharing my enthusiasm for all this area has to offer. I’ve met people from all over the United States including Minnesota, and Alaska. Being a tour guide enhances the shuttle service and the information we provide gives visitors a snap shot of all the Canal Days events and activities. We help folks on and off the busses, and assist people in navigating the area,” Britton said.

The vehicles used are Spencerport Central School District (SCSD) buses and are driven by Spencerport Central School District bus drivers. Pat Williams is another lifelong Spencerport resident and one of these shuttle bus drivers. He has served as a driver for over five years.

“It’s a great way to meet people and tell them all about our area and all that we have to offer. I’ve met people from overseas and also met former residents who are amazed at how this area has grown.  Folks really appreciate this free shuttle service and enjoy listening to great facts that are shared by the tour guides,” Williams said.

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