Kiwanis donate to MIA Foundation

By on August 4, 2014

Kiwanis donation MiaGary and Suzette Rogers, from the MIA Foundation, receive a donation from Kiwanis Club treasurer Dominic Agostini (left) following the presentation by the Rogers to the Kiwanis Club of Spencerport.

MIA stands for Miracles in Action. The MIA Foundation started two years ago when the Rogers adopted a dog, Mia, who was born with cleft lip and palate. They wanted to do everything they could to save her, including spending up to $35,000. The Rogers believe every animal deserves a chance to live. They are learning all about animals as they go. They believe that if an animal is given two months to live, they make it worth those two months. One dog, that was given two months to live, has been living for almost a year. The Rogers will find homes for the dogs (and cats, too) if they survive and can thrive.

Kiwanis members viewed videos of dogs who had been given little time to live who are now thriving and have been adopted. The dogs provide hope and inspiration to people from all over the world, including one 16 year old girl who was thinking about ending her life. The girl discovered the Love for Mia Facebook page and saw a little chihuahua who was only given a few months to live but was fighting to survive. The girl saw the big fight in the tiny dog and figured if the dog could do it, she could do it. She decided not to end her life after all.

The Rogers receive dogs from all over the world, including as far away as Korea and South America.

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