Spencerport Chihuahua goes viral

By on November 6, 2017

Wisky, the 13-year-old blind Chihuahua, was born and raised in Spencerport. His owner, Mercedes Murray, loves horror movies and Stephen King is her favorite author.  For Halloween this year she decided to dress her four pound pup Wisky as Pennywise, from the 2017 IT movie that was just at the theatres.

Wisky in costume as Pennywise. Provided photos

Wisky in costume as Pennywise. Provided photos

Mercedes thought Wisky’s unique colored eyes were perfect for the Bill Skarsgaard  look. She went all over looking for the perfect items to pull this costume together.  For his hairpiece she used a sock and glued on orange faux fur. Mercedes and her pack are regulars at local parks. They love long walks but Wisky’s favorite park is Pineway Ponds in Spencerport.  Mercedes found the perfect setting for his costume pictures at a park in Victor she visits. She recalled it having a drain park and a setting very similar to the one in the movie. She took some cute pictures of her ever so patient Wisky dressed up as Pennywise. Later that day she posted them to Facebook.  To Mercedes surprise, when she woke in the morning the picture had gone viral.

The picture was shown across the world.  First Kimberly from the local radio station 95.1 picked it up then local TV news stations aired it. Digital magazines and pages from Reddit, College Humor, and countless international sites shared pictures of Wisky the little Chihuahua from Spencerport.  The IT Official Movie page even shared Wisky. Wisky won the best costume of the year on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

wisky 1Wisky now has his very own Facebook page. His owner Mercedes has enjoyed seeing her pup get recognized internationally and she hopes he keeps making people smile. To see more pictures of Wisky, follow him on Facebook at Wisky the Dog.

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