Volunteers needed to teach computer skills

By on May 28, 2018

Now more than ever, everyday citizens must be digitally-literate in order to engage with government, business or family and friends. Whether it is getting a driver’s license, making a purchase or sharing personal stories, skills to use computers and navigate the internet are essential.

Digital Literacy trains volunteers and places them in local libraries, where they assist patrons in learning basic computer skills like navigating the web or using word processing programs. They also help patrons to complete computer-essential tasks, like creating online accounts, developing resumes, searching for jobs and getting social services.

“There is a huge gap,” says program coordinator Brian Kane. “Some 15 percent of Rochester households do not have computers, according to the American Community Survey. Local residents rely heavily on our volunteers to learn new skills and complete essential tasks.”

“More volunteers are needed now to meet the huge demand,” he explains.

Digital Literacy places and supports volunteers in 10 locations around the county. Volunteers must have three years of experience on a PC, knowledge of Google and its apps, an ability to work with diverse people, patience and flexibility

Those interested in volunteering can sign up by visiting digital.literacyrochester.org/volunteer.

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