Carriage Driving show at Northampton Park

By on June 10, 2019
The carriage driving competition will be held June 23 at 
Northampton Park.

The carriage driving competition will be held June 23 at Northampton Park.

The Northampton Driving Society, with the cooperation of the Monroe County Parks Department and Heritage Christian Services, has held an annual carriage driving competition at Northampton Park for over thirty years. This year’s event will be held on Sunday, June 23 near Springdale Farm, at the corner of Hubbell Road and Colby Street in Spencerport. The first class starts at 9 a.m., and will continue throughout the day with an intermission for lunch. The Brockport Kiwanis Club will be on hand for the purchase of hots, hamburgers and soft drinks. Admission is free and spectators are welcomed to attend. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy viewing beautifully turned-out horses, ponies, and “very small equines,” (also known as miniature horses), traditional two- and four-wheeled vehicles, sartorial splendor and gorgeous hats.

Morning classes are working pleasure and working reinsmanship. The first is judged primarily on the suitability of the animal to provide a pleasant drive and the second on the skill of the driver. Afternoon classes are timed obstacle courses in which drivers (“whips”) negotiate a pattern laid out with traffic cones. Speed counts, but points are lost if the tennis balls perched atop the cones are dislodged. 

There will be a special award for the turnout that presents the most elegant effect, including the vehicle, harness, appointments, horse, driver, passengers and grooms. There will also be an award to the single turnout demonstrating the best suitability for a safe and pleasant drive. 

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