Hilton High School varsity athletes give back

By on January 1, 2012

A group of varsity athletes from Hilton High School went to the three elementary schools in the Hilton Central School District, December 21 to work with students in their classrooms. The “Varsity Athletes Leadership Council,” a group comprised of 54 student leaders from every athletic program in Hilton, traveled to Northwood, Village and Quest Elementary schools to work in the classrooms of students from kindergarten to sixth grade. “The Athletes did activities ranging from reading to classes to math games to having discussions regarding the commitment to doing their best both on the athletic field and in the classroom,” said Hilton Director of Athletics Michael Giruzzi. “The athletes also had the opportunity to answer questions from the classes pertaining to their particular sport(s) and school. The council is designed to help foster leadership skills while giving the student athletes a vital voice in the community.

Members of the council are: Mitch Smith – Football and Lacrosse, Kayla Ryan – Cheerleading, Alissa Pignato – Cheerleading, Molly Diedrich – Cheerleading, Rachel Berg – Field Hockey, Ross Pirnie – Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Christie Engle – Swimming, Ben Harper – Swimming, Morgan Burns – Swimming, Nick Hagen – Volleyball and Basketball, Dan Alexander – Football, Nick Ross – Football and Basketball, Sean Conte – Volleyball and Basketball.

Also Heather Hebert – Soccer and Basketball, Dylan Phillips – Bowling and Outdoor Track, Bobby Vasta – Hockey, Tennis, Nick Prince – Football and Basketball, Andy Miller – Football and Basketball, Tyler Coleman – Soccer, Indoor Track and Tennis, Ryan Folwer – Soccer, Indoor Track and Tennis, Harald Juergens – Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse, Emma Monfiletto – Tennis, Dan Bowers – Volleyball, Swimming and Tennis, Monica Griffith – Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Nigel Walker – Soccer Indoor and Outdoor Track. Jordan Ott – Soccer, Softball, Hannah Willis – Volleyball and Outdoor Track, Bianca Camillacci – Softball and Ice Hockey, Alex Grossmann – Soccer and Basketball, Danielle DiStefano – Field Hockey and Softball, Rob Sorce – Golf, Carl Wolf – Baseball, Maria Jackson – Volleyball, Basketball and Lacrosse.

Also Sarah Johnson – Lacrosse, Derek Richards – Football and Lacrosse, Ryan Juergens – Baseball, Shannen Drennon – Soccer and Lacrosse, Ben Schreiber – Soccer and Baseball, Corey Roth – Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Jessica Noto – Soccer and Lacrosse, Ellie Garno – Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, DJ Logory – Football and Basketball, Miranda DiMaria – Volleyball, Jessica Nettnin – Gymnastics, Briana Kimble – Field Hockey and Lacrosse, Lindsey Adams – Field Hockey, Billy Ryan – Football and Lacrosse, Anai Flanagan – Bowling and Lacrosse, Andrew Agent – Hockey and Baseball, John Allport – Golf, Justin Contestable – Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Katie Wroblewski – Tennis.