Mentors, counselors, and BOCES 2 New Visions students reflect on a year of learning and growing

By on May 27, 2012

New Visions Justice Professions Teacher Marc Ouzer (l-r, standing), Spencerport School Counselor Amy Gillett, New Visions student Steven Tucker, Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, Undersheriff William Sanborn, New Visions student Christine Glover (l-r, seated) and Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Corporal for Standards and Compliance Andrienne Dandrea talked with students about their internships with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Provided photoThe BOCES 2 New Visions annual end-of-year celebration brings together students, their mentors, school counselors and New Visions Teachers to discuss and reflect on a year of student learning and growth. New Visions Teachers Marc Ouzer, Pam Suess, Todd Pschierer, Paul Root, and Candie Adamczyk teach the four components of the New Visions program. They are the Justice Professions, Emerging Professions, Education Professions, and Health Professions. College bound high school seniors are able to explore professional career interests, while accruing high school and college credit through the statewide New Visions Program.

The New Visions Program confirms for many students their college or career path decision and for some a professional internship is an opportunity to learn which career isn’t right for them. “There is nothing wrong with that decision,” said WEMOCO Executive Principal Joseph Salemi. He told students how proud he was that they have become self-reliant and focused learners through their career internships. “You have successfully integrated the responsibility and independence you will need in college into your senior year of high school,” he said.