Brockport to seek grant for mural

By on December 30, 2012

by Kristina Gabalski

Village board members in Brockport are hoping to obtain grant money to help fund a historic mural that would be painted on an exterior wall of the village DPW building.

During the regular meeting of the Village Board December 11, Trustee Margaret Blackman said the $2,800 matching grant from the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester would help fund the mural depicting the reconfiguration of the Erie Canal as the Barge Canal in Brockport.

She noted the Walk/Bike Brockport group would be involved in raising matching funds.

Blackman called the reconfiguration project “one of the most important public works in the history of the village DPW.”

Local artist Stacey Kirby has already been asked to paint the mural and is excited about the project, Blackman said.

The village recently hired a grant writing firm to assist with seeking out and applying for grants.

This particular grant “is a testament to what a grant writing institution can do for the village,” Blackman added.