Salt supplies dwindle during long, hard snow fighting season

By on March 9, 2014
salt supply inside shed

Vehicles appear to be miniaturized in the vast open space of the salt barn in Hilton/Parma. As in other towns and villages in the area, salt supplies are dwindling as winter drags on and snow continues to accumulate.

A cooperative effort to build the shed provides participants access to the stock pile. When this photo was taken on March 3, Parma Highway Superintendent Brian Speer had an order in for at least 400 more tons of salt that he hopes will last to the end of the snow season.

During a typical winter, Parma’s salt barn would have a good supply of salt, but this year, “you could hold a nice square dance in there,” Speer joked last week. One natural factor that highway personnel anticipate – the arrival of the vernal equinox (March 20) will lengthen daylight and intensify the sun’s ice and snow melting rays going into the spring season.

Photo by Walter Horylev

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