Ogden leaders say re-zone a good fit for town

By on August 29, 2016

In July, members of the Ogden Town Board approved re-zoning of the property at 326 Gillett Road and connecting property adjacent to Spencerport Road from R-1- Single Family Residential, to GC – General Commercial.

Property owner Gary Inzana requested that the town make the zoning change.  During a public hearing on the change held June 22, Inzana told the board the re-zone covers approximately five acres. He said he has no intentions of developing the property in the foreseeable future.

“I live in the neighborhood and I have purchased some other parcels of land purposely to keep that area rural and low key,” said Inzana, according to meeting minutes.

He noted the town is becoming more developed and it is proper to rezone the property to commercial. He said the development across the street will have a few new homes on it eventually.

“I am doing this rezoning now for the future,” Inzana stated. “At some point it would make sense to have commercial use on this property … I have lived on my parcel for almost 35 years, and I don’t have any intentions with this property so there is no proposal for any development, it is just a question of changing zoning.”

Ogden resident Frank Rakoski said that as the Ogden Heights project expands, it seems more appropriate that the Inzana parcel is zoned commercial. “Even if it is rezoned and not developed, people will know, so they can make their choice when they move into the area whether or not it is a good fit for them,” Rakoski said.

During the public hearing, Supervisor Gay Lenhard stated that the area already has a few commercial parcels.

She told the Suburban News following the approval of the change, “The Town Board was very comfortable in granting Mr. Inzana the change in zoning of his land from Residential to General Commercial.  The area involved is on a busy thoroughfare surrounded by other commercial entities and we felt it was a good fit.”