Sweden Town Board takes no action on proposed zoning change

By on October 30, 2017

Residents in the Crestview Drive neighborhood off Lake Road in the Town of Sweden told town council members during a public hearing October 24, that they do not want more commercial development near their homes.

A public hearing was held prior to the regular meeting of the Sweden Town Board on a proposed change in zoning for two parcels at 4740 Lake Road and 25 Crestview Drive from R1-2 Residential to B-1 Retail Commercial.

The parcels are located across Lake Road/ Route 19 from the Lake Road entrance to the Wegmans plaza.

Kris Schultz of Schultz Associates in Spencerport presented a concept plan for development of the two parcels, which includes a 5,000 square feet professional office building and a parking lot.

Schultz noted the area, “is targeted in the town’s master plan to be re-zoned.”  He said the professional building, which might house doctors’ offices or a CPA firm, would be, “a logical way to develop the property,” as it would help to transition from commercial zoning to residential zoning in the Crestview neighborhood. Plans for the development include green space along Lake Road and Crestview Drive as well as a parking lot shielded by landscaping.  Access to the development would be off of Crestview Drive.

“This is the first step to eventually doing something with that piece,” Schultz said.  He said the development would be an asset to the area, “the town can control (specifically how the site is developed),” he explained, “there is an opportunity now to make a smooth transition.”  The site is a little more than one acre, he said.

Residents, many of whom live in the neighborhood, expressed concerns over the proposed zoning change, citing drainage issues, the high number of vacant commercial properties in the area of the Rt. 19/Rt. 31 intersection and uncertainties regarding what will actually end up on the parcels if the zoning is changed.

“I like being close to commercial, but still in residential,” one Crestview resident said.  “I don’t want to see another building …. and see more buildings vacant.”

Schultz said he cannot guarantee at this point that a professional office building would be constructed on the site, but he said the town board can place restrictions on what is built there with the zoning change.

Council members took no action on the proposed zoning change October 24.

In other business, Supervisor Rob Carges presented the 2018 Preliminary Budget of $4.9 million, up $26,059 from the 2017 budget, but under the tax cap by $29,333.

The preliminary budget increases the tax levy by $30,881 and reduces the village tax rate by approximately $0.02/$1,000 and increases the town tax rate by approximately $0.04/$1,000.

Council members decided to table their vote on adopting the 2018 budget after council member Mary Rich said she would like additional time to think more about the spending plan and ask more questions.

“I would rather have it right than be pressed into doing it,” Rich said.

Council members are expected to vote on the 2018 Budget at their next regular meeting November 14.

Supervisor Carges also addressed concerns that town leaders were again planning to take up a proposed special events law which would require permits for temporary gatherings, demonstrations, performances, exhibitions, amusements or activities which would bring in a certain number of cars and people.

Town Council members last December withdrew the law from further consideration at that time and Supervisor Carges said Tuesday, October 24, that the town has no plans to resurrect the issue, at least before he leaves office at the end of the year.  Carges is not running for re-election.

The proposed law drew fire from the agricultural community.  Local farmers expressed concerns that the law was unnecessary and would threaten their ability to keep their farms running.

Aimee Mesiti, owner of Five Sons Winery & R.G. Brewery, attended the October 24 meeting. She reminded Carges of his pledge to make the public aware if the law is re-visited.  She told council members farm entities in the town were told last year that they would have a seat at the table regarding further discussion of the issue.

“I don’t seeing it coming up as an issue,” Supervisor Carges said.  He noted the proposed special events law was withdrawn on December 13 of 2016.

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