2017 Election Results

By on November 13, 2017

Some races too close to call

Some west side races were still too close to call following voting on Election Day 2017.

In the Town of Clarkson, challenger Gerald Underwood (Dem., CG) is ahead of long-time incumbent Paul Kimball (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) 896 to 857 in unofficial results.

Other unofficial results for towns in Monroe County include Clarkson Town Justice Ian Penders (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) 949 votes to 778 votes for Peter Selig (Dem., Wor., CG.).

Incumbents Allan Hoy (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) and Patrick Didas (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) were re-elected to Clarkson Town Council. Hoy received 903 votes and Didas received 911.  Opponents Samantha Golden (Dem., Or., CG) and Theresa Alano (Dem., CG.) received 839 votes and 789 votes respectively.

In the race for Sweden Town Council, incumbent Robert Muesebeck ( Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) was re-elected with 1544 votes.  Patricia Hayles (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref)  was elected Council Member with 1560 votes.  Walter Borowiec (Dem.) received 937 votes and Susan Smith (Dem., Wor.) received 977 votes.

In the Town of Riga, Deborah Campanella (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) and James Fodge (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) were re-elected to the Town Council. Campanella received 1165 votes and Fodge received 1204 votes.  Democratic and Working Families candidate Stan Main received 581 votes.

In the Town of Greece, Bill Reilich (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) was re-elected Supervisor.He received 12,022 votes.  James Leary, Jr. (Dem., Wor.) received 9,890 votes.

There were four open seats for Greece Town Justice.  David Michael Barry, Sr. (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) received 13,288 votes; Brett Granville (Rep., Con., Ind.,  Ref.) received 14,518 votes; Vincent Campbell (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) received 15,474 votes and Shannon O’Keefe-Pero (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) received 14,799 votes.  Democratic candidate Gino Nitti received 10,032 votes.

In the race for Greece Town Council Ward 2, William Murphy (Rep., Con., Ind., Ref.) received 3,391 votes. Rumella Cameron (Dem.) received 1,902 votes.

In unofficial results from Orleans County, the race for Town of Murray Supervisor is also too close to call.  With 80 absentee ballots yet to be counted, Joe Sidonio (Con., Ind.) has 558 votes and Republican candidate Robert Miller has 543 votes.

In the Town of Kendall, Town Clerk Amy Richardson (Rep., Con.) was re-elected.  She received 418 votes.  Challenger Janet Bolton (Dem., Ind.) received 316 votes.

Republican Sanford Church was elected County Judge with 4,564 votes. Democratic/Conservative candidate Tonia Ettinger received 3,419 votes.

Republicans Merle Draper, Donald Allport and E. John DeFilipps were elected as Orleans County Legislators-at-Large.  They received 5,426 votes, 4,821 votes and 5,220 votes respectively.  Democrat Al Capurso received 2,224 votes.

In the Town of Bergen, Genesee County, there is another close race for Town Council. In unofficial results, Republican James Starowitz has 466 votes, Republican Mark Anderson has 341 votes and Democratic/Conservative/Independence/Working Families candidate Anne Sapienza has 339 votes. There are two open seats on the board.

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