Clarkson Town Board members review architectural updates for Brook Field at Clarkson project

By on November 27, 2017

Members of the Clarkson Town Board November 14 gave their approval to requested changes to the exterior of the Senior Living Facility portion of the Brook Field at Clarkson project.

Architect Dan Mossien of Mossien Architecture presented the revised plans to the Town Board, which took over as the Architectural Review Board for the project in July.

Board members had requested that the building be more aesthetically cohesive with the other buildings planned for the site.

Mossien described the difference between the initial and updated plans as “the difference between night and day.” He explained that he worked to make the structure, “look like Pittsford … compared to the original, this one has a lot more character,” he said.

The building will include real stone on portions of the exterior, changes in windows, and a change in the design of air conditioner units to disguise them and make them appear to be a part of the windows, Mossien said.

In addition to varying the front of the building’s facade, the updated plans include new rooflines which project out and include two cupolas.

In regards to traffic issues, Mossien said the project still needs final permits from the NYS DOT.

The project is located on the southwest corner of the Ridge Road and Sweden Walker Road intersection and will be a mixed-use residential/commercial hamlet project.

Clarkson Supervisor Paul Kimball said he has approached the DOT about the possibility of constructing a traffic round-about at the Ridge Road/Sweden Walker Road intersection.

Kimball explained that communities rarely approach the DOT asking for a round-about to be put in, and DOT officials are intrigued by the idea.

He noted that a round-about would add to the hamlet vision for the area and, “will slow down east-west traffic.  It would also help from a leasing standpoint,” Kimball said.

He said at this point, the chance for the round-about becoming a reality is about 50-50 or “a little better,” but he does not want the proposal to hold up the Brook Field at Clarkson project.

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