Ogden/Spencerport officials meet with Canal Corp reps

By on February 26, 2018

Ogden Town Supervisor Gay H. Lenhard and Spencerport Mayor Gary Penders met with New York State Canal Corp. representatives Thursday, February 15 at the Town of Ogden offices to discuss the controversial clear cutting of the Erie Canal Banks.

The meeting provided the following outcomes:

The Canal Corp. will not continue any work until a decision is made regarding the legal action taken by the Towns of Brighton, Pittsford and Perinton, to be heard by a judge on February 28 in Wayne County.

In 2016, the Canal Corp. conducted a study to determine the embankment condition performed by Rizzo Associates. Rizzo Associates developed a color-coded rating system ranging from crimson to blue (high to low) to assess the condition of the embankment.

Should the judge decide in favor of the Canal Corp, contractors will start clear cutting red zones.

The Village of Spencerport is located in yellow and blue zones (moderate to low). Yellow and blue zones will only be trimmed to provide line of site for embankment inspection. Trimming was explained as removing dead or deteriorating trees and brush.

Additionally, cutting and trimming must be completed by March 31. The reason for this is due to the State Environmental Act requiring the preservation of vegetation for the Long-Eared Bat.

The stumping process for clear-cut areas will be done during the fall of 2018 and any damage to the canal path will be addressed prior to the summer months.

The Canal Corp. will be meeting with Supervisor Lenhard and Mayor Penders again after February 28 to discuss a type of vegetation that can be planted at the bottom of the embankment that will not be overly invasive to the banks, but allow for privacy.

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