Sweden assessment notices mailed to every property owner

By on March 12, 2018

Every property owner in the Town of Sweden will receive an assessment notice in the mail this week. Assessor Tammy Baker is in the midst of a major update of the roll. While some property values will remain the same, and a few will decrease in value, most assessed valuations will rise. Property owners who are satisfied with their assessment do not need to do anything.

If a property owner has questions or disagrees with the tentative assessment, they should call the assessor’s office at 637-8683 for an appointment. Ms. Baker is scheduling informal reviews in 15-minute increments as there are more than 4,400 parcels in the town. Please note that the assessor is an independent official and all inquiries have to be addressed to her. Elected officials are not permitted to conduct assessment reviews.

If a property owner is not satisfied at the outcome of the informal meeting, they have a right to appeal to the Sweden Board of Assessment Review. The Review Board meets on May 22. Appointments for appeals will become available on May 1, at the conclusion of all informal reviews.

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