Village of Brockport granted state funding for AID to SUNY Municipalities

By on April 9, 2018

The NYS budget just passed for the 2018-2019 fiscal year includes an AID package of $1.3 million for eight municipalities that host 4-year SUNY institutions to help offset public safety costs.  The Village of Brockport was awarded $210,000, the largest allocation.

“After three years of efforts, this special state funding is very welcoming news for the village and its tax payers,” Mayor Margay Blackman said.

These awards follow the first such funding to SUNY colleges Oneonta and Cortland, each receiving $200,000 from the 2015-2016 NYS legislative session’s  “pilot program” developed by state Senator Seward, based on Assembly (A6416) and Senate (S4643) bills. The original legislation would have provided $12 million of AID to SUNY municipalities to address public safety issues associated with SUNY institutions of higher education.  The bills still have not become law.

Following the first “pilot” disbursement of funds, a letter from 10 SUNY municipalities (authored by Mayor Blackman) was sent to every NY state legislator urging passage of the law. Then Blackman and village board Trustee Annie Crane focused on gaining access to the pilot programs.Working toward that goal, there were “pilot” program meetings with the City of Cortland’s Administrator Mack Cook and Senator James Seward, the sponsor of the Senate Aid bill; and meetings with local state officials Senator Robert Ortt, Assemblyman Stephen Hawley, and the staffs of Senator Joseph Robach and Assembly leader Joseph Morelle. All endorsed Brockport’s inclusion, but especially, as noted by Duncan Davie, Senator Seward’s Chief of Staff, “Senator Ortt was a diligent advocate for Brockport.” In addition to meetings, the village received a strong letter of support from The College at Brockport President Heidi Macpherson.

Strategy sessions were held with Brockport officials Mark Cuzzupoli, Brockport Police Department’s new Chief, and Code Enforcement Officer David Miller to prepare a proposal that highlighted public safety services the village provides related to the presence of The College at Brockport.  The proposal focused heavily upon expansion of community policing, Brockport police working closely with University Police, and the village police’s closer coordination with the Village Codes Office.

“I am grateful for the many fine efforts of all those who participated in the process to help make our proposal successful. As hosts to an outstanding college, the public safety costs related to services we provide it on a regular basis are addressed with this funding,”  Mayor Blackman said.

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