Official discuss BCSD budget

By on May 14, 2018

Bport rotary 2Jill Reichhart, director of finance/treasurer, Darrin Winkley assistant superintendent for business, and Eileen Whitney, Brockport Rotary president, are shown after administrators presented an annual budget update to Brockport Rotarians. The tax increase was kept well under the two percent cap. Eighty-seven percent of fourteen new buses will be paid for through state aid. Depending on mileage, most are more than 10 years old. Capital costs went down, some due to paying off debt and lowering debt service. This helped offset contractual increases in wages and benefits like health care. The district is still shrinking slowly with continuing staff line reductions mainly as people retire. Tuesday, May 15 is budget voting day at 40 Allen Street, Building 800. More details can be found in the district’s newsletter sent out to all district taxpayers.

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