A thank you for Community Service

By on September 24, 2018

On Saturday September 15, 61 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints came to the Brockport Department of Public Works on East Avenue as volunteers to build a dock for the recently formed Brockport Community Rowing Club. Carol McNees, DPW secretary, had approached the mayor wondering if there was a community service project her church group could undertake that Saturday.

They undertook the job with enthusiasm. One group remained at DPW where they put together the four sections of the 44” long wooden ramp that will lead down to a floating dock. Another group went to Commissary Park at the College at Brockport where the dock will be installed, first weeding the canal bank and then digging 36” postholes for the floating dock supports and breaking up the large rocks they encountered in the process.

There were so many volunteers that a third group, including children, was sent to Evergreen Park to paint the steps leading up to the canal bank, and to weed and spread mulch.

After nearly four hours of hard work, the groups returned to DPW to enjoy sandwiches, chips, and cookies donated by Brockport Wegmans.

Brockport has a history of a strong spirit of volunteerism, which The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints members reinforced.

Many thanks to Carol McNees and her fellow church members for donating their Saturday to a community project, to Superintendent of Public Works, Harry Donahue, who generously donated his labor and time, and to Brockport Wegmans for feeding this hardworking group.

Margay Blackman

Mayor, Village of Brockport

Secretary, Brockport Community Rowing Club

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