Beware of phone scam

By on December 3, 2018

Yesterday we received the fourth or so call from a computer credit card promotion offering to consolidate credit card balances to a zero percent card. Previous calls I have always hit the don’t call again choice but never paid attention to the source of the call. Yesterday, we saw the incoming call was from the Town of Clarkson but then the automated message began so I picked up the phone and hit button 3 (#1 being for a live representative). A live representative came on and when I asked him why he continues to call here after I have hit #3 four times, he hung up on me. Checking the number on our phone, it was our Town Justice Court’s number.

I called the Justice Court and was informed by Dawn that she also gets local calls being telemarketers once answered. I called the NYS Attorney General’s Office to report it and they referred me to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357. They informed me this has become a terrible problem in our world and they are working on finding a resolution to stop it.

My concern is for the poor souls who give out their credit card information and become victims of fraud. They are working on following the path of the numbers being falsely used to get people to pick up the phone. If any other area residents are experiencing the same problem, they need to register a complaint with the F.T.C.

Mrs. Beardslee