Municipalities approve Seymour Library study

By on January 7, 2019

The Towns of Sweden and Clarkson and the Village of Brockport, the municipal funders of the Seymour Library, have approved a contract with Bonadio & Co. to perform an independent analyses of the financial metrics and key measurable elements of the benefit the Seymour Library brings to the community. The study, which begins in February, will look at various economic metrics; such as operating cost per hour, marginal operating cost per hour, direct benefit return on investment and cash flow analysis in order to rank three proposed Seymour Library budget options.

Last May, the Seymour Library presented three different 2019 budget scenarios to Sweden, Clarkson and Brockport. The boards of the three municipalities determined that outside expertise would help determine the best path forward. Included in Bonadio’s final report will be: benchmarking or best in class analyses; five-year financial forecast scenarios; identified funding options; summary of conclusions; and recommended near-term and mid-long term action plans. The report will be made to the municipalities on or about April 1, 2019.

Brockport, Sweden and Clarkson entered into an agreement in 1990 to construct a new Seymour Library and to operate it jointly. The agreement was updated in 2017. The three municipalities contribute to the operational costs of the library proportionately based on population. A nine-member Board of Trustees, three appointed by each municipality, governs the joint library.

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