First responders honored at Union Congregational Church

By on March 11, 2019

Union Church First RespondersFor the second year, Union Congregational Church honored the firefighters and first responders of Churchville by providing a free chicken and biscuit dinner for the men and women who bring protection and safety to the community.

It was an honor well received by these unsung heroes. Forrest, who has served with the Churchville firefighters for over 47 years, mentioned that they do not serve for accolades but because they enjoy doing what they do to serve the community.

First responders commit to many hours of training before they are certified and many more hours on a weekly basis to prepare for any emergency they must confront. They are very familiar with our area and respond quickly to each call to assess the situation and provide the service needed.

Many of the attendees were quick to comment on the delicious food and how appreciative they were of being recognized in this way. They know that the community values their service but it is nice to be acknowledged.

Jamie, whose expertise is in the medical area of firefighting, has served with this group for over nine years. She has trained extensively and continues to learn from her experiences and enjoys all of her time with this amazing team of men and women.

Leslie, who is fire captain, was so pleased to be acknowledged. She said it is wonderful to know that people really do care about the service the first responders provide.

They say that when you meet a soldier, you should thank him or her for their service. Those at Union Congregational Church would add to that by saying, when you meet a firefighter or first responder don’t hesitate to tell them how their sacrifices, contributions and dedication to serving the community is appreciated. This dinner was one way of thanking each of them.

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