Steedman to retire as Mayor for the Village of Churchville

By on March 11, 2019
Churchville Mayor Nancy Steedman.

Churchville Mayor Nancy Steedman.

After three terms (12 years) working devotedly as mayor for the Village of Churchville, Nancy Steedman, a lifelong resident of the Village of Churchville is set to retire on April 1.

Elected trustee in March of 1997, Steedman continued her service to the Village of Churchville as the newly elected mayor in 2007. During her time at the Village of Churchville, Mayor Steedman was instrumental in obtaining over one million dollars in grants resulting in many improvements to the quality of life of its residents. She served as president of the Municipal Electric Utilities Association (MEUA) in 2016 and has served on the executive board for six years. She has actively participated in the New York Conference of Mayors and has served as the President of the Association of Monroe County Villages in 2011.

Steedman stated that she is honored to have served as Mayor and wants everyone to know that she is not leaving because of health problems; it is “just time.” She thanks the community for the continuous support and is looking forward to the future.

A celebration of Mayor Steedman’s contributions to the Village of Churchville will be held on Thursday, March 28. Contact the Village Clerk for further details by telephone at 293-3720 (extension 115) or by email to

The Village of Churchville has been strengthened by Mayor Steedman’s dedication, professionalism and service to the Village of Churchville.

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