Lions Clubs, family and neighbors work together for a good cause

By on April 8, 2019
Hamlin Kendall Ramp build2

On Saturday, March 23, the best of small-town living, family and Lions Clubs working together was in full force. Chris Bolton, a Hamlin resident, needed a wheelchair ramp in order to return home after an extended illness. A neighbor down the road, Carl Jacobs, had a wheelchair ramp installed by the Kendall and Hamlin Lions Clubs last fall.  After Jacobs’ death, the family let the Lions know that they would like to pay it forward by passing on the ramp to another person in need. Little did they know that the next family would live only four doors down. After contacting the Kendall and Hamlin Lions clubs and Bolton’s brother-in-law, Don Willmott, a ramp builder for the Penn Yan Lions Club, it was determined that Carl’s ramp would be a perfect fit. A crew of 17 Lions, family and neighbors gathered on a very cold day and set to work breaking down the ramp at one house and carrying it to the new house. In four hours, the ramp was reassembled and ready for the day Chris comes home.

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Hamlin Kendall Ramp build1