An update from Spencerport’s mayor

By on April 15, 2019

As the fiscal year for the Village of Spencerport is fast approaching at the end of May, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the residents of the Village of Spencerport for enduring another winter and the welcoming of spring and summer. Because of the early onset of winter, Village Crews will be going around the Village picking up leaves that are raked to the curb every Friday until May 10 with the leaf machine. For all other yard debris please check the Village website for directions on disposal or call the Village Office. I would like to also acknowledge the entire staff of the Village of Spencerport for their hard work throughout the entire year. Each department equally plays a role in the outstanding services that the residents have grown to expect and appreciate.

The Department of Public Works completed many projects throughout the year including paving and crack sealing various roads throughout the Village; sidewalk replacement on South Union Street; continued sanitary sewer maintenance and slip lining and the replacement of various pieces of equipment.  Crews went out for 47 salt runs using 320 tons of salt and 26 plow runs.

Spencerport Municipal Electric continues to upgrade the electric system to provide uninterrupted power to its customers. Additionally, SME crews provided mutual aid to neighboring communities throughout the state to restore power to their areas during their storm events.

The Village of Spencerport Board of Trustees adopted the 2019/2020 Budget effective June 1, 2019.  During the upcoming fiscal year residents will see a reduction in their tax bills as in 2018 with no reduction in services. This is a $33 reduction in the tax bill from the previous year on a home valued at $100,000 using 47,000 gallons of water. This was possible because of the increase in the assessed value of Village properties, the use of unreserved, reserved fund balances and grants for the purchases of equipment and completion of projects.

Road work will be done on Bauers Cove and Bowery Street. Micropaving on various roads and new sidewalks will be installed between the Canal Bridge and Texas Bar-B-Q Joint. These projects as well as many others including free Sunday Summer Concerts along the canal will continue while keeping the Village annual budget below the two percent tax cap.

Finally, the Union Street Bridge over the Erie Canal will be closed starting in July 2019 and will be closed for the next 12 to 18 months. The work will include floor system repairs, lower course of the truss; lifting mechanisms, pit walls and the approaches. In addition, the two parking spaces on the south west side of Union Street will be removed to allow for a better approach for vehicles traveling northbound over the bridge. I have been working closely with the NYS DOT and Village businesses to ensure that the impact of this closure is as palatable as possible. I am aware that this will be an inconvenience to everyone at first, but I am confident that the residents, merchants and visitors will get through this project as they have with many others no worse for wear and we will have a new and safer bridge.

In closing, these projects would be impossible without the cooperation of the entire village. With these projects, temporary road closures and electric outages are necessary. I assure you that we will make every attempt to keep any inconveniences at a minimum and appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Gary Penders, Mayor

Village of Spencerport