Brockport Police Chief warns community of Social Security scam

By on May 13, 2019

Around New York State, many people have reported being scammed into giving their personal information over the phone to someone who is claiming to be a part of the Social Security Administration, or some other law enforcement agency. New York City residents alone have been scammed out of over $2 million in 2019 so far. Scammers are using the trust citizens have in government administrations to trick people into giving the scammers money. Victims of this scam are usually advised that their Social Security number has been used to open numerous accounts, or was used in a criminally motivated way. The scammer will then ask for the victim to send money in the form of prepaid gift cards, bitcoin, or bank wire transfer, to avoid being arrested. The Brockport Police Department wants to remind everyone that law enforcement agencies, or the Social Security Administration, will never ask for money over the phone. Anyone receiving one of these phone calls should hang up immediately. Those who fall victim to one of these scams are encouraged to file a police report.

Any requests for comment or questions regarding this release should be directed to Chief Mark Cuzzupoli at 637-1020 during regular business hours.

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