New Gaga Pit near playground at Hamlin Town Park

By on July 1, 2019
Gaga Pit group
Gaga Pit Scout

Colby Riexinger

On Saturday, June 22, Colby Riexinger, assisted by other Eagle Scouts, parents, and members of the Hamlin Youth Volunteer Force, built a new Gaga Pit near the playground at Hamlin Town Park. A Gaga Pit is used to play Gaga Ball, a fast-paced game similar to Dodgeball, but much safer and extremely popular with school age children. The Town Park already had one Gaga Pit located near the Lion Charlie Maier Lodge, but in summer months it was used primarily by the children attending Hamlin Recreation’s summer camp programs. The game’s popularity often created long wait times for other children in the park who also wanted to play. This issue has now been resolved through Riexinger’s Eagle Scout project to build a second, even bigger Gaga Pit for the Hamlin community to enjoy. Brockport Lowe’s and Stockham Lumber in Holley donated lumber, bolts, nuts, washers, and screws for the project. Hamlin Pizza Shack donated pizza for the hungry builders.  The new Gaga Pit is open to the public and is located by the playground, behind the Hamlin Public Library.

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