Spencerport Mayor addresses bridge closure issues

By on August 12, 2019

I would like to thank all of you for your patience, suggestions and feedback since the Union Street lift bridge closed on July 9. I also wanted to let you know what the Village and DOT have done at this time in response to the suggestions and feedback.

The Village and the DOT worked diligently to address residents’ and business owners’ concerns leading up to the closing of the bridge. Traffic signals were installed on the north and south sides of the Martha Street bridge; a left turning lane with arrow signal was installed west bound on Canal Road; steel plates were installed on the Martha Street bridge to create a pedestrian walking area. Signage indicating that the village business are open at Route 31 and 104 were installed and the Village relaxed their business signage code allowing businesses to have additional signs indicating that they were open.

Since the closing the Village was informed that the cycling of the light at the Martha Street bridge was too short. This was addressed with the DOT and new sensor has been installed to increase the cycle time for traffic to approximately 10 cars at a time and continues to be monitored to possibly increase the cycle times.

Signs have been added to the Martha Street bridge informing motorists not to drive on the walking plates and lane markers have been installed. 

Vehicles were not stopping at the four-way stop at Amity and Martha Streets. Flags have been installed on top of the stop signs to alert motorists that there are stop signs and stop ahead signs have been installed. 

Most recently there have been requests to make Martha Street and West Avenue a four-way stop. West Avenue is the main street that is used by our DPW and electric departments for their daily work and deliveries of supplies and equipment, and due to the incline of West Avenue if a four-way stop was installed it would be difficult, if not impossible, for large vehicles and equipment to start and stop during slippery conditions. The Village will be installing flags on the signs that indicate “cross traffic does not stop” to alert the motorists traveling on Martha Street not to pull out into oncoming traffic on West Avenue.

In closing, I would like to remind people that my door is always open for suggestions and feedback, and to have patience while in the village. Always drive defensively, especially in the village of Spencerport while the bridge project is ongoing. 

Gary Penders


Village of Spencerport