Early snow delays Sweden’s leaf vacuuming

By on November 18, 2019

The early snowfall temporarily delayed the Town of Sweden’s leaf vacuuming service. Highway Superintendent Brian Ingraham plans to resume leaf removal (in the Town outside the Village) as weather permits. Residents should note that the leaf vacuum cannot remove leaves covered by snow or ice. Generally, the highway department ceases leaf vacuuming December 1 for snow operations; however, the exact date is weather dependent.

When snow is heavy and/or wet it can damage or destroy mailboxes as the snow is pushed back or thrown by the plows. The New York State Attorney General’s office has determined that mailboxes are placed within the highway right-of-way under an informal license. As such, the highway department has no legal liability for replacement and/or repair due to snow removal operations. As a courtesy, Sweden replaces mailboxes that have been damaged or destroyed during the winter months as a result of plowing operations. Mailboxes, and posts if necessary, will be replaced with a standard rural mailbox and wooden post. 

Many residents have specialty mailboxes, which cost substantially more than a standard box. If one of these types should happen to need replacing, the highway department will be glad to perform the installation, provided that the resident supply the replacement mailbox. Those arrangements can be made by calling the highway department at 637-3369.

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