Sweden, Clarkson, Hamlin meet with State DOT regarding traffic safety

By on December 9, 2019

On December 3, the Towns of Sweden, Clarkson and Hamlin met with NYS DOT Regional Director Kevin Bush and five members of his engineering/planning staff to discuss concerns regarding Route 260 (Sweden Walker Road). Supervisors Kevin Johnson, Christa Filipowicz and Eric Peters shared information about several difficult intersections (Route 31, East Avenue, 104, Lawrence Road, Route 18 and Brick Schoolhouse Road), as well as general concerns with narrow lane width, pavement deterioration, speed and increased truck traffic. The three towns’ highway superintendents also provided information about road conditions.

In July, Sweden and Clarkson wrote to the DOT requesting a north-bound left-hand turn lane from Sweden Walker Road onto East Avenue. Sweden had also sent communications recently regarding the intersection of Sweden Walker Road and Route 31.

The DOT has agreed to conduct a study of the entire Sweden Walker Road traffic corridor. Director Bush promised to update the municipalities regularly about the study’s progress. The towns plan to share the updates with the public through this newspaper and their individual newsletters and social media.

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