DOT responds to Sweden, Clarkson and Hamlin

By on January 6, 2020

The Towns of Sweden, Clarkson, and Hamlin have received a preliminary response to the towns’ concerns regarding the Route 260 corridor. Eight different traffic studies will be conducted along the roadway to determine what improvements may be warranted.

NYS has funded a pavement repair/replacement project for Route 260 from Route 31 to Route 104. The work will be done in the 2023 construction season. Regarding the intersection of Route 260 and Route 31, the DOT: repaired a timing issue on December 6 and will continue to reevaluate the traffic signal timings specific to time of day; will review crash data to determine if there are mitigations that should be implemented; and determined that a speed reduction is not warranted based on a February 2019 speed study.

The DOT is evaluating the need for a left turn lane on Route 260 northbound onto East Avenue as requested by Sweden and Clarkson. Other issues being studied include speed, pavement markings, widening or the addition of lanes at various intersections.

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