Bergen updates water districts status

By on February 10, 2020

The Bergen Town Board has been meeting regularly with its town engineer, grant consultant and fiscal advisors while awaiting NYS Comptroller approval of the water district. The Town was notified on January 29 that the Comptroller’s approval has been granted.

Base mapping for the entire project is complete and underground utility maps are being reviewed. The water district will be broken down into two projects for public bidding, according to Supervisor Ernest Haywood. The two contracts will be bid one to two weeks apart. Bidding is slated to occur in the fall and construction on both projects to start in January 2021. Although the exact division of the project is not final, the basic two parts will be: everything north of the old railroad tracks (North Shore) and Pocock and Swamp Roads; and everything else south of the old railroad tracks.

At this point, Bergen is on track to issue a $2,000,000 Bond Anticipation Note in May. The tax bills that go out in January 2021 will have the first water district charges. For taxpayers who have their property taxes escrowed with their mortgage, it will be important to let the mortgage bank know that there will be an additional tax starting with the town and county tax bill in January 2021. 

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