Help needed to sew medical masks

By on March 21, 2020

Hickey Freeman, the men’s clothing manufacturer, is rushing to make air-filtering face masks for Rochester General Hospital, but the company’s factory is closed down to due to the pandemic, and they don’t want to call workers back in and potentially expose them to the virus.

Hickey Freeman is asking members of the public to help sew the masks if they have a sewing machine at home. They will provide the materials needed and have created a video tutorial to help. I believe they will deliver the materials to you; I am waiting to hear back about this. Email, asap, if you can help.

RGH told Diduch they go through tens of thousands of masks per day and they have to be thrown out after one use. You can see how quickly that supply can be depleted. “We’re just trying to figure this out and make this work as we go,” said vice president of technical design, Jeffery Diduch. “They only had two days of masks, so we’re trying to move very, very quickly.”

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