COVID-19 Weekend Update – March 21 & 22, 2020

By on March 23, 2020

Covid 19 Graphic

State Update
Three Tier Action
1. Increasing Hospital Capacity
•Ending elective surgeries
•Increasing hospital capacity by 50,000-75,000 beds by reconfiguring space and increasing staff

2. Building New Beds
Final Army Corps list today of possible sites – Governor Cuomo visited those sites
•SUNY Stony Brook
•SUNY Westbury
•.Westchester Convention Center
*These locations do not come with staff or supplies, New York will need to make those arrangements

3. Increasing Supplies
•Purchased 2 Million N95 Masks
•Converting apparel manufacturers
•Ventilators being gathered from all facilities
•Purchasing 6,000 additional ventilators

Total US Cases 29,192. New York has more than 50% of all cases
• 61,401 total tests 15,915 new
• 1,974 of 15,168 are hospitalizations (13% which keeps going lower. Was up to 20% at one point)
• 114 Deaths (70% of deaths were 70 years old and older, and the majority had underlying health conditions. 80% of deaths under 70 years old had an underlying health condition)
• All but 11 of 62 New York State Counties with cases (3 new yesterday)

World Update
• 311,988 total cases worldwide, 13,407 Deaths, 93,790 recoveries, 204,791 Pending
• Younger People Need to Fully Comply (18-49 years are 53% of NYS cases)
 •Virus Transfers
• Social Distancing Everywhere

Looking to set up a free network of Psychologists and Therapists to help with the Mental Health side of what is going on. All Phone/electronic. to set up Mental Health Electronic Help Center.

Governor Cuomo’s 10-point NYS on PAUSE plan is as follows:
1. Effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22nd, all non-essential businesses statewide will be closed.
2. Non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed at this time.
3. Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced.
4. When in public individuals must practice social distancing of at least six feet from others.
5. Businesses and entities that provide other essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet.
6. Individuals should limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact and avoid activities where they come in close contact with other people.
7. Individuals should limit use of public transportation to when absolutely necessary and should limit potential exposure by spacing out at least six feet from other riders.
8. Sick individuals should not leave their home unless to receive medical care and only after a tele-health visit to determine if leaving the home is in the best interest of their health.
9. Young people should also practice social distancing and avoid contact with vulnerable populations.
10. Use of precautionary sanitizer practices such as isopropyl alcohol wipes is encouraged.

Enforcement of this plan is in the form of a team of investigators to help “local authorities” enforce the order.

•DMVs were ordered to close in Governor Cuomo’s latest executive order. To accommodate those with March expiration dates on licenses, ID’s and registration, the DMV is extending those deadlines. Online transactions will still be available. 

•The Constitution gives two provisions for using an Absentee ballot: If you are sick and if you are unable to go to the polls. It has been legislated and interpreted that “unable to go to the polls” means that you are out of the County (Snow Bird or College Students), but they are looking to see if they have Executive Power to allow everyone to vote absentee or if that has to be legislated. Cuomo in favor of distance voting under these conditions.

Federal Update
The President and Vice President issued a “Disaster Declaration.”
•This allows FEMA to Assist financially. The federal government pays 75% of the costs, and NYS pays 25% of the associated costs. The federal government CAN waive the 25% state cost, and Governor Cuomo is asking that this happens. He says New York doesn’t have the money to pay the 25% and he doesn’t think ANY state will have the funds to pay.
•Requesting four field hospitals at 250 capacity each. *These come staffed and with supplies.
• Requesting four Army Corps of Engineers temporary hospitals.
•Requesting medical supplies.
•New York State doesn’t currently qualify for $6 Billion in aid due to what Governor Cuomo calls a technicality, he is calling on this to be fixed.

*All non-critical elective surgeries will be canceled by Wednesday. This will be a New York State mandate.

• New York does more tests than anywhere else, more tests per capita than China or South Korea, more tests than any other state. Great accomplishment – tests, drive thrus and managing hospitals.

15,168 Positives, 4,812 new, 9,045 New York City, 2,832 new, 1,900 in Nassau County, 1,873 in Westchester County.

County Updates:
Some students being quarantined at SUNY Brockport were allowed to leave Saturday. None showed signs of having COVID-19 while they were there.

68 Positive – 23 new from yesterday – 17 new cases from this morning and five new since then, 11 hospitalized, six of this are in the ICU, 289 in mandatory quarantine and isolation. Death’s remain at one.

Information Provided by Legislator Mike Zale