GCC signs Dual Admission Agreements helping maximize college credit transfers

By on July 2, 2018

Genesee Community College has announced a new Dual Admission Agreement with Canisius College and also a renewed and expanded agreement with Niagara University (NU). Each agreement provides students with guaranteed admissions to both GCC and the four-year transfer institution if all academic requirements are successfully met. Each program includes established articulation maps that detail the courses a student must complete at GCC to earn their associate degree, along with the courses the student must complete to earn a bachelor’s degree at the corresponding four-year institution.

“Dual admissions agreements maximize the college credits applicable for transfer for specific programs of study and gives students a predictable seamless transfer process with no surprises,” said Kristen Hargrave, coordinator of GCC’s Transfer Services. “We work tirelessly to initiate and establish, renew or expand articulation agreements to benefit our students.”

The new Canisius College dual agreement specifically maps nine associate degree programs at GCC to nearly 20 bachelor’s degree programs at Canisius. The agreement covers a wide variety of programs ranging from criminal justice and digital media, to English, chemistry, accounting, finance, marketing and many others.

The renewed Niagara University dual agreement was formally executed in February 2018, and establishes guaranteed acceptance at NU upon the successful completion of the corresponding associate degree requirements at GCC. There are 22 associate degree programs at GCC specifically mapped to 55 bachelor’s degree programs within NU’s College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, College of Education or the College of Hospitality & Tourism.

Enrollment into either of these dual admissions programs is open to new students for this fall 2018 semester, which starts at GCC on August 20. In addition, GCC currently has more than 200 program-to-program articulation agreements in effect with approximately 11 SUNY four-year institutions and 15 private institutions.

To take advantage of these and other similar programs, contact GCC’s Transfer Services Office transfer@genesee.edu or Kristen Hargrave at 343-0055 ext. 6230, or klhargrave@genesee.edu.

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