B-B Schools launch core values as part of Character Education Program

By on September 10, 2018

Building on the existing character education program, Byron-Bergen schools launched four core values. The core values, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Accountable, and Be Your Best Self encompass the best qualities of Byron-Bergen students.

Core values logo design by Caleb Curts, Kevin Paasch, and John Zittel. Provided photo

Core values logo design by Caleb Curts, Kevin Paasch, and John Zittel. Provided photo

“The core values are intended to be guiding principles for our buildings. We will tie discipline to them as necessary and work to really help students understand the importance of these values,” said Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal Scott Bradley. “Our teachers will use them as the basis for expectations in their classrooms. They will also drive expectations for areas like the bus, cafeteria, sporting events, and the hallways of our buildings.”

The Character Ed initiative has been a collaborative team effort between the elementary and high school over the last two years. A team of teachers, support staff, and administrators from both buildings worked together to develop the core values and expectations.

“Character Ed is a way of focusing on the whole student,” said Elementary School Assistant Principal Betsy Brown. “We are teaching our students the importance of integrity as well as academic success.”

The core values emblem was designed by Caleb Curts, Kevin Paasch, and John Zittel, Byron-Bergen students who attend the graphic design program at Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (BOCES). Mr. Bradley offered all the graphic design students the opportunity to design the logo as a special project and Curts, Paasch, and Zittel volunteered. The emblem is posted throughout the district including the gymnasiums, cafeterias, and on the school buses.

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