Youth mover inspires BCSD students to be brave, build character

By on April 22, 2019

“A tough person sticks up for himself. A tougher person sticks up for others,” said motivational speaker Brandon Lee White in a presentation to Brockport Central School District.

That was just one of the many moving messages the known youth mover shared with students when he visited the district April 8 through 12.

Growing up, White was treated as an outcast and bullied for being overweight, and also fought a six-year battle with depression. It was the painful upbringing that inspired White to show students how to “overcome the tough, achieve the tough and become tougher.”

The speaker spent an entire week at BCSD presenting his “Own It” movement. The Own It Movement empowers students to take ownership of who they are, what they want, and what holds them back through leadership and character development.

“Things we want take more than wanting – they take doing,” White told students.

Suzanne Goff, Director of Teacher and Student Success, brought the motivational speaker to the district to help show students how to overcome their fears and negative habits holding them back.

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Brandon Lee White addressing students.

Brandon Lee White addressing students.