Your Voice: Local Concerns

  • Mr

    I want to thank Lou Alana for voicing a concern and frustration felt by many members of the Clarkson community

  • Town of Clarkson, Mr. Jerry Underwood

    I have been reading the news about Mr. Jerry Underwood with great concern. About 15 years ago (estimated date) I applied for the position of Deputy Town Clerk. A month later a gentleman from the Planning Board...

  • Hamlin Local Elections need some shaking up

    The upcoming local government elections and monthly meetings need to have more citizen involvement. Hamlin’s elected officials need to know your likes and dislikes, and just not the opinions of 1,2 or 3 people. You know in...

  • Support for Local Lawmakers Wanes in Clarkson

    Support for Local Lawmakers Wanes in Clarkson A survey conducted in April, 2017 shows that Clarkson residents are less about lawmakers representing issues important to them, according to The Covert Liberty Project. The survey measured changes in...

  • Blizzard of ’77

    The Blizzard of ’77 I was 19 at the time of the blizzard of 1977. I still lived at home in Hamlin with my mother and brother while attending SUNY Brockport. I had only been driving a...

  • citizen

    Would like to have fellow Brockport/Sweden citizens ideas about bringing stores in Rochester area to our area so we don’t need to go to city or other suburbs.