Westside Challenger programs receive support from Elks Lodge

By on July 2, 2018
Shown (l-r): Jack Milner, Nick Filonovich, Doug Collier, John Debaun and Glendale Terry.

Shown (l-r): Jack Milner, Nick Filonovich, Doug Collier, John Debaun and Glendale Terry.

The Westside Challenger Baseball program and the Westside Challenger Tennis program would like to express their sincere appreciation to the Elks Club (B.P.O.E.  Lodge #2110) of Monroe County who, over the past two years, have been tremendously supportive of our sports programs for athletes with identifiable disabilities.  These programs are designed to ensure that our athletes receive excellent instruction that is tailored to their individual skill levels provided in a positive and individualized environment.

The Elks Club (B.P.O.E. Lodge #2110) has been instrumental in allowing us to work effectively with our athletes.  Specifically, within the past year, they have written and received funding for a substantial monetary grant and hosted a banquet for our athletes, their parents and friends.  This banquet – hosted ably by the Elks and Elkettes on November 4, 2017 – not only raised a significant amount of money for our programs but provided a wonderful experience for all.  A fine meal and many exciting sporting activities were provided during the two hour banquet.

Recently the organizers of Westside Challenger Baseball and Westside Challenger Tennis, Jack Milner, John DeBaun and Doug Collier, were invited to a lodge meeting at which time they presented a plaque in appreciation of the significant support provided by the Elks Club.

Although everyone in the club has been involved and supportive, significant planning time was provided by Glendale Terry, Nick Filonovich, Courtney Pollet, and Steve West.

That the United States Tennis Association awarded Westside Challenger Tennis with the ‘2017 U.S.T.A Eastern Service to People with Disabilities’ award is in no small way a result of the support the program received from the Elks Club (B.P.O.E.  Lodge #2110). Westside Challenger Baseball and Westside Challenger Tennis look forward to continuing this important partnership.

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