Brockport girls swim to victory

By on October 8, 2018

The Brockport girls swim team won their second swim meet at Brockport on Thursday, September 27 against Batavia by a score of 109 to 61.

Batavia finished the 200 Medley Relay in first place with Sophie Fulton, Anna Amico, Maiya Reinhart, and Elle Fulton in 2:08.37. Brockport finished in a close 2nd with the team of Laine Ramsay, Molly Rich, Livia Stepanik, and Marlayna DiFante in 2:09.19. Brockport girls Mya Enderle, Maddie Cherwonik, Marissa Roperti-Salonen, and Madison Dobbertin finished third.

Sophmore Eliz Sagan came in first for Brockport in the 200 free in 2:11.65. Batavia’s Norah Janes finished second in 2:27.17 followed by Abby Foley in third for Brockport in 2:31.92 and Brockport’s Brigid Flynn finished fourth.

Batavia’s Sophie Fulton won the 200 I.M. in 2:34.40 followed closely by junior Livia Stepanek in 2:34.80 for Brockport and then Batavia’s Anna Amico in third with 2:35.88. Marissa Roperti-Salonen from Brockport finished fourth in 2:47.06.

Batavia’s Maiya Reinhart finished first in the 50 free in 27.16 followed by Bockport’s Brittney Ellsworth in 2nd (27.91), Pearl-Roperti Salonen in 3rd (29.36), Liliya Grego in 4th (29.59).

Brockport’s Kassidy Tully finished first in 1 meter diving with a score of 358.10 (based on 11 dives). Brockport also took second and third place with Emma Hopsicker (304.30) and Kenya Howland (227.40).

The 100 butterfly was won by Brockport senior KhaVy Sangasy in 1:01.71. Batavia’s Maiya Reinhart was 2nd in 1:02.99. Third place went to Batavia swimmer Norah Janes in 1:17.19. Fourth place went to Brockport swimmer Anna Burkhartzmeyer in 1:20.15.

The 100 free was the closest finish of the meet. The race was won by Brockport junior Livia Stepanek in 1:01.05 with second place going to Batavia’s Elle Fulton in 1:01.07. Third place went to sophomore Amanda Giardina in 1:04.92. Fourth place was secured by Brockport swimmer Margaret Hanson in 1:08.70.

Brockport junior Laine Ramsay won the 500 Free in 5:43.27 and Brockport eighth grader KhaNy Sangasy finished second in 6:00.16. Batavia swimmer Sophie Fulton finished third in 6:06.16 and Brockport’s Cheyenne Burnside finished fourth.

Brockport girls finished the 200 free relay in first place with the team of KhaVy Sangasy, Marlayna DiFante, KhaNy Sangasy, and Eliz Sagan in 1:45.67 and second place Brockport girls team of Emillie Weinbeck, Mya Erderle, Liliya Grego, and Brittany Ellsworth in 1:57.99. Batavia girls took 3rd place with Nora Janes, Lilya Kotmel, Lexia Davis, and Madison Yonk in 2:33.85.

The 100 Back was won by Brockport junior Marlayna DiFante in 1:06.34. Second place went to Elle Fulton in 1:14.60 from Batavia. Brockport swimmer Pearl-Roperti Salonen finished third in 1:15.02. Brockport swimmer Mya Erderle was fourth in 1:18.73 and Batavia swimmer Madison Yonkin finished in 5th place.

The 100 Breaststroke was excitingly close with Brockport sophomore Molly Rich first in 1:21.79. Second place was eighth grader Muriel Coyle from Brockport with a strong finish in 1:22.85 and Batavia’s Anna Amico in third at 1:22.91.

The 400 Free Relay was won by the Batavia team of Maiya Reinhart, Sophie Fulton, Anna Amico and Elle Fulton in 4:13.40. Brockport girls teams swam exhibition.

Brockport’s next home meet will be October 9 at 5 p.m. against Spencerport.

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