Hilton’s Alloco able to hit dream kick

By on November 4, 2019
Hilton senior kicker Sydney Alloco. Photo by Warren Kozireski

Hilton senior kicker Sydney Alloco. Photo by Warren Kozireski

It was the seventh and final game of the regular season on the road against James Monroe High School for Hilton Cadets senior kicker Sydney Alloco. Despite being part of the team all season, she had yet to appear in a game. 

But then it happened.

“I wasn’t really expecting it and, out of nowhere coach (Hilton head coach Rich Lipani) said, ‘Sydney, if we make this, you’re going in,’ ” Alloco reflected after the Cadets first round playoff victory over Fairport.

“Everyone was so excited – the whole team was really ecstatic and it was great.

“And I have to give a shout-out to the team, because they are so supportive of me in everything.”

Kicking isn’t new to Alloco, but football is.

“I’ve kicked in powder-puff, which is nothing like football and I think it started out as kind of a joke like ‘hey, why don’t you try out for the football team?’ So I got interested and I contacted the coaches and they were interested and here I am. And I still play soccer out of school.”

The senior has only been a part of the Cadets football roster in this, her senior season, and though her playing time has been just that one extra point, she has had a purpose.

“Just kind of being an inspiration for, not just other girls, but for other boys too – people who don’t play. Just keep your hopes up and you will get in.”

Now Saturday, October 19, is a date that will be etched in Alloco’s mind for every class and team reunion forever. The date all of the practice and work became reality.

“I was hopeful; I just had to wait for my chance, but mainly I wanted the team to win and then when I got my chance, I was real excited and put it in (converted).”