Blizzard of 77

By on January 22, 2017

We lived in Fishkill,NY. Came up to Buffalo for a family wedding for the weekend, seven days later we were still there. Bride got married, only witnesses were people that got stranded in the church. Reception was held at Brides families house(being catered) no-one could come so the entire neighborhood was invited. Best wedding ever. We had 2 inches of snow in our backseat of our car that had blown up through the engine. My mother was picked up by police on a snowmobile to be taken to work, she worked as a telephone operator for a doctor’s office. We even had tee shirts that said we survived..we did..and finally 7 days later we returned home. A memory that we will never forget. It was scary but we all gathered our resources and survived. I had two small children with me, leaving one back in Fishkill, because she was in school, thinking it would be just the weekend. To this day we have never experienced anything that catastrophic.