By on January 23, 2017

Your article about the blizzard of 77 brought back some very good memories that came due to that not so nice weather. I was one of three pharmacists at Peterson Drug store. I think it was 10 to 12 people we had staying over nite Friday in the store. There was a girl trying to get to SUNY to register, a semi tractor trailer driver, 3 pharmacists, several other staff and a few local customers. We slept on the floor where ever we found space. One of the pharmacists was always up and ready to help anyone else who might happen into the store. We filled prescriptions for anyone that needed them and were delivered by local volunteers by snow mobile. We were open for 3 days around the clock with 3 pharmacists on duty. It was actually a pretty good adventure. We had the Star Market on one side of us with all the food, milk or soda that we needed and Casey’s Irish Pub on the other side if someone wanted a warm meal or an adult beverage. After 3 nights in the store we closed late Monday and a couple of us stayed at Rol & Mitzi Richards’ home on Lynnwood Drive. Roland was the manager of Petersons. We were all able to get home on Tuesday at some time.