Trump Era

By on January 24, 2017

I am ashamed to have “The Donald” as the president of this great country. His dark demeaning description of our nation and many of its citizens disgusts me. His actions and talk would indicate that he is a misogynous, narcissistic, egotistic, xenophobic, prevaricating, sexual predatory individual. This is a first for this great nation but is, perhaps, good for the country in the long run. It could awaken citizens to the importance of participation and lead to very necessary changes in all three branches of government, some that are major. The toxicity of huge money in politics must be removed. We cannot tolerate a congress for hire. We must return to a congress that works totally for it’s constituency. Areas that will need severe examination are ethics, gerrymandering, term limits and campaign spending limits. Not much chance for this any time soon but, if things go as I suspect they will, events could occur to enable us to “Make this great America Greater”.

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