Thank you

By on June 21, 2017

As a recent candidate for Trustee in the Village of Brockport I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Not just to those that voted for me, but also those that voted for my opponents. The right to vote is something that I hold dear, not just as a citizen but as a veteran. It is a right that I proudly stood for during my time in the US Marine Corps.
This right to vote allows us to choose our representation as we see fit. These individuals, selected by a majority, have promised to improve our community during their campaigning process. Now it is our responsibility as residents to hold our elected officials to these promises and ensure they perform and follow through on what they claimed they will do.
My goal if elected was to effect change and this is the challenge I present to the residents of the Village of Brockport. Hold this Village board responsible for what it said it would do – lower taxes, keep our community safe and deal with the ever present issues related to rental properties in the Village.
While I am disappointed that I was not elected, this will not deter me from continuing to push for lower taxes and a safe Village that young families want to live in. I served on the Tax Relief Task Force and the report of findings and recommendations will be presented to the Village board in the very near future. These findings and recommendations are straight forward and will provide an opportunity for the Board to actually lower our taxes. These recommendations will not be easy but are necessary to ensure the future of the Village of Brockport. If incorporated correctly and swiftly they will result in a reduction of the Village tax rate of almost 20 percent. My fear is that if there is not drastic change and soon, we will be faced with another vote for dissolution in the near future.
Again, I want to thank all those that participated in the election process on June 20 and I look forward to seeing you at future Board meetings.

Kris Bonczyk
Village Trustee Candidate
Proud Village Resident